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romney and paul ryan made a last-minute swing. of course, battle grounds like ohio will decide this race but national presidents show a nation divided right down the middle a sign of how tight this race is, the first vote add midnight in humanitarian was a split vote. 50-50, five for the president and five votes for governor romney. governor romney has just touched down in pittsburgh under the wire campaign stop in a swing state where polls have shown his campaign making recent gains. this morning, the governor and his wife cast their votes near massachusetts home and he left for a final stop in ohio. a reporter asked th how he feels about the all important swing state. >> i feel great about ohio. >>shepard: in ohio, governor romney met up with running mate paul ryan, the governor spent more time in ohio than in any other state and understandably so. the way ohio votes could very well decide the white house. we have team fox coverage. ed henry in chicago with the 39's campaign but first, carl cameron with the romney catch at headquarters in boston. what is the romney camp looking for tod
talk about it but who can do it. paul ryan and i plan on putting in place real change from day one. across america, people have talked about our five-point plan. we will take full advantage of our energy resources: coal, oil, gas, nuclear renewables and review our regulations to make sure burning coal is done clean but not kill the industry like the epa has done. we will double the number of permits on federal lands and federal waters for drilling and oil and gas. day one we were take steps to get the pipeline from canada built. we will get north america on track to be energy independent in eight years. that means less cost to fill up the tank, less cost to heat your home. and if you are cutting steel and bending it, it take as lot of energy the manufacturing cares deeply about the cost of energy. if we take advantage of our natural gas and oil and coal we will have low-cost energy bringing more manufacturing back. it will make this company do better. energy is so key to our nation. that is why one of the first things we will do is get america on track to energize security. i want
election would turnout a little differently. mitt romney and paul ryan are good men. they are good leaders. i wish mitt, his wife, and paul and his wife well. but the american people have re-elected president obama and a republican majority in the house of representatives f there is a mandate in the results it is for us to work together on the solutions to the challenges we all face as a nation. my message today is not one of confrontation but one of conviction. in the weeks and months ahead we face a series of tremendous challenges and great opportunity. weeks away from now looms the so-called fiscal cliff. a combination of automatic spending cuts and tax increases mandated by law. in months of fiscal cliff congress will be asked to raise the debt ceiling and around 9 same time legislation will be needed to keep the government running as a continuing resolution under which we are currently operating expires. amid all of the short-term hurdles we face the greatest challenge of all, a massive debt that is smothers growth and exceeding the size of our economy. there will be many who will say
of being tired i ask you to vote for real change, paul ryan and i will be real change from day one. i understand when i am elected, the american economy and the job situation is still going to be struggling, stagnant. i will not waste time complaining about my predecessor . i will not spend my effort trying to pass partisan legislation that is unrelated to job growth, from day one i will go to work to help americans get to work and people across the country are responding to our five part plan to create jobs. you have heard. part one is taking full advantage of our energy resources. >>shepard: the five part plan part of the closing argument speech we have heard over and over and crowds are reacting to favorably across america. governor romney in fairfax county, virginia, and the schedule is just getting started. we will have you covered through the night, all day tomorrow and tomorrow night from fox, this is america's election headquarters. you are on fox n
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8 (some duplicates have been removed)